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Bee’s Wellness Cafe & Juicery

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Our Reviews

Paul Morales - Customer

Love this place . So many services offered besides just your ordinary cbd shop. Will definitely be back . Especially liked the breathing exercises coaching!!!


Stephanie Arredondo - Customer

B is absolutely amazing! She took time to show me around the store, gave me some samples of her juices that she makes (Moon Juice was my fave). There’s something here for everyone! Like handcrafted smell good stuff? Oh man, this is the place! The soaps! Check out the soaps!!! Need some sage to clear some energy from your home? Yup, here too. Crystals? You betcha! Everything you need to promote positivity! Definitely returning!


Renee X Casey Martin - Customer

I’m soooooo excited! Just got my order in & I’m excited to experience these soaps!!! Yes, it’s an experience & they make me happy!!! Thanks for a wonderful and fun product! They feel and smell soooooo good! Thanks Bee’s Wellness Cafe!


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Coffee store layout

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